Kaushal Panjee | Skill Register

Kaushal Panjee | Skill Register

Kaushal Panjee | Skill Register

Kaushal Panjee | Skill Register Kaushal Panjee or Skill Register aims to be the first step for any rural youth looking for getting skilled or starting a business. Rural Youth can register free of cost and be connected to Training Partners and Banks working in collaboration with the Ministry of Rural Development.

  • Youth
  • Skills and Employment

Working Hour

Monday- Saturday(10:30 AM to 05:30 PM)


Ministry of Rural Development Government of India Krishi Bhavan, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road, New Delhi - 110001 INDIA


Kaushal Panjee | Skill Register-Register for DDU-GKY-Service
Kaushal Panjee | Skill RegisterRegister for DDU-GKY-Service
User can Register for Kaushal Panjee for DDU-GKY
Kaushal Panjee | Skill Register-Check Status
Kaushal Panjee | Skill RegisterCheck Status
User can check Registration Status for Kaushal Panjee
Kaushal Panjee | Skill Register- Register For RSETI
Kaushal Panjee | Skill Register Register For RSETI
User can Register for Kaushal Panjee for RSETI
Kaushal Panjee | Skill Register-Search Kaushal Panjee ID
Kaushal Panjee | Skill RegisterSearch Kaushal Panjee ID
User can Search Kaushal Panjee ID and view details
Kaushal Panjee | Skill Register-Training Centre Near Me
Kaushal Panjee | Skill RegisterTraining Centre Near Me
User can loacate Training Centre Near Me for Kaushal Panjee