e-RaktKosh e-RaktKosh is an initiative to connect and digitize the blood banks. User can easily find the blood banks, can check the blood availability and can volunteer himself in various camps.

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Monday to Friday (09:00 AM - 05:00 PM)


Centre for Development of Advanced Computing C-56/1, Anusandhan Bhawan, Sector-62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh-201307


e-RaktKosh-Blood Request
e-RaktKoshBlood Request
Users can avail this service to book online the blood required for a patient as per his blood group and blood component from the Blood Bank
e-RaktKosh-About e-RaktKosh
e-RaktKoshAbout e-RaktKosh
Details of e-RaktKosh will be displayed. User can also view the latest news about e-RaktKosh.
Thalassemia Patients can avail this service to register themselves if he/she is applying for the first time through online plateform.
e-RaktKosh-My Donations
e-RaktKoshMy Donations
User will be able to see all the previous donation made by him. User can be a part of Blood Bank Repository for all blood banks, selected blood banks and for Citizens & All blood banks.
e-RaktKosh-New Thalassemia Request
e-RaktKoshNew Thalassemia Request
Thalassemia Patients can avail this service for sending blood request to Blood Bank for availability of blood on required date.
e-RaktKosh-View Previous Request
e-RaktKoshView Previous Request
Thalassemia Patients can avail this service to check and view online the status of previous Thalassemia Request sent to the Blood Bank
e-RaktKosh-Blood Availability
e-RaktKoshBlood Availability
Users can search the availabilty of blood by giving the blood group and blood component location based. User can also find the blood bank across country by selecting State and District.
e-RaktKosh-Blood Bank Search
e-RaktKoshBlood Bank Search
User will be able to search the nearby blood banks by providing their locations or by providing State/District, also by providing bank name or hospital name. Users can also share the information.
e-RaktKosh-Camp Schedule
e-RaktKoshCamp Schedule
Users will find the nearby camp schedule by providing their location, can search state wise and by entering Bank or Hospital Name. Interested users can also register as a voluntary donor for camps.
e-RaktKosh-Manage Profile
e-RaktKoshManage Profile
Thalassemia Patients can avail this service to update their online registered profile if required like Name, Address, blood component etc.