EPFO EPFO assists Central Board in monitoring PF for the workforce engaged in the organized sector in India. Users can check their balance, raise claim, check claim status, search establishment, get EPFO office address and can apply for Jeevan Pramaan certificate from this app.

  • Direct Benefit Transfer
  • Social Security & Pensioners

Working Hour

Monday to Saturday (09:15 AM - 05:45 PM)


Bhavisya Nidhi Bhawan, 14, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi 110066


EPFO-UAN Activation
EPFOUAN Activation
User can activate UAN by UAN, Member ID and PAN through UMANG.
EPFO-Register and Track Grievance
EPFORegister and Track Grievance
Register and track redressal status of your grievance
EPFO-Raise Claim - Scheme Certificate (10-C)
EPFORaise Claim - Scheme Certificate (10-C)
An employee can apply for Scheme Certificate to continue membership of Employees Pension Scheme when leaving service,
EPFO-Request for Advance (COVID-19)
EPFORequest for Advance (COVID-19)
To raise advance on an urgent basis due to the outbreak of pandemic COVID-19
EPFO-Employee Centric Services
EPFOEmployee Centric Services
A user can authenticate themselves with the department and can check their PF passbook, raise full or advance claim and can check the status of their claim using this service.
EPFO-Pensioner Services
EPFOPensioner Services
Pensioner services allow pensioners to view their pension passbook, seed Aadhaar information and view/update their Jeevan Pramaan by providing the PPO number and date of birth.
EPFO-Update Jeevan Pramaan
EPFOUpdate Jeevan Pramaan
Pensioners can update their Jeevan Pramaan ID once in a year to get their pension creadited into their account.
EPFO-Employer Centric Services
EPFOEmployer Centric Services
Employeer Centric Services provide information of the cummulative monthly amount deposited by the establishment for its employees along with the count of their employees.
EPFO-Related Videos
EPFORelated Videos
Users can avail the service of related videos to view and share videos provided by the department. Users can click these videos to view them and click the share icon next to the video to share them.
EPFO-General services
EPFOGeneral services
Users can search PF offices, employers related PF details and status of the claim raised using raise claim service. Users need to login to their account to get information of their EPFO claim.
EPFO-Jeevan Pramaan
EPFOJeevan Pramaan
Generate the digital life certificate using your mobile phone. You just require a biometric device and generate on your own. Service only for pensioners
EPFO-eKYC Services
EPFOeKYC Services
Users have an option to seed their Aadhaar Card to departments through eKYC service to avail various other employee-centric services
EPFO-Download Pension Payment Order : EPS-95
EPFODownload Pension Payment Order : EPS-95
This scheme is applicable for all the employees of factories and other establishments to which the 1952 Miscellaneous Provisions Act and Employees Provident funds applies. Using this service user can download Pension Payment Order: EPS-95