ISTI The India Science, Technology and Innovation Portal (ISTI) is a one-stop window for information about developments in India on science, technology and innovation.The portal focuses on bringing all stakeholders and Indian STI activities on a single online platform; helping efficient utilization of resources; highlighting functioning of scientific organisations, laboratories and institutions; aggregating information on science funding, fellowship & award opportunities spanning from school to faculty level; pooling together conferences, seminars and events; and projecting science in India with its major achievements.

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ISTI-Scientific Research
ISTIScientific Research
This segment contains all research projects being implemented by scientific institutions across India and funded by various Science Ministries and Funding Agencies. The information includes intricate details of each project, like thematic area, executive summary, timeline, and contact info.
ISTI-Funding Opportunities
ISTIFunding Opportunities
This section provides information about funding opportunities useful for academic pursuit research, research careers, capacity building, entrepreneurship and micro/small/medium/large implementation projects
ISTI-S&T Organisations
ISTIS&T Organisations
The information in this includes brief details about Ministries, Departments, and all other Institutions working in the scientific & academic ecosystem.
ISTI-S&T Programme & Scheme
ISTIS&T Programme & Scheme
The section contains listicles of all programmes and schemes funded by Science Ministries to promote research, human resource development, and women empowerment
This section provides information related to recognized innovations at both grassroot and industrial levels. The segment also contains detailed information of patents granted worldwide to India and available incubators supporting innovations in the Indian science & technology space.
This segment contains all technologies, solutions, and products developed at various developing agencies across India. The information includes details of each technology, like thematic area, brief description, and readiness index
ISTI-Fellowships & Scholarships
ISTIFellowships & Scholarships
The section contains listicles of all fellowships & scholarships, along with their brief details, supported by Science Ministries to promote research, human resource development, etc.
ISTI-S&T Startups
ISTIS&T Startups
The information in this segment contains technologies, technology incubators, opportunities, policies, success stories and resources, and relates to promoting budding entrepreneurship