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Indian Culture

Indian Culture

Indian Culture The Ministry of Culture is the Indian government ministry charged with preservation and promotion of art and culture of India

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Ministry of culture, Sastri Bhawan , New Delhi 110001


Indian Culture-Food & Culture
Indian CultureFood & Culture
The Indian culinary repertoire reflects the cultural diversity of the country. The term “Indian food” denotes a mélange of flavors from different parts of the country and showcases centuries of cultural exchange with the far corners of the world. Here, on our portal, we are making a small effort of gradually building a treasure trove of information about the countless exquisite flavors of our country.
Indian Culture-E-Books
Indian CultureE-Books
Explore a vast selection of rare & antiquarian e-books from diffrent booksellers of the ancient india.E-books available for all the traditional records paper, history .
Indian Culture-Cuisine
Indian CultureCuisine
Detailed cusines famous in different states with Image are avaiable here.
Indian Culture-Musical Instruments
Indian CultureMusical Instruments
The Musical Instruments section of the Indian Culture department contains information about a range of instruments from across India. The Indian Culture department has researched and is happy to present information about the countless exquisite musical instruments of our country. The extent and diversity of such instruments is vast, and we will keep on adding to this section.
Indian Culture-Snippet
Indian CultureSnippet
Snippets are short, easy to read stories on a wide range of topics from Indian history and culture ranging from historic events, legends associated with tangible and intangible heritage to interesting anecdotes from the lives of eminent personalities!
Indian Culture-Stories
Indian CultureStories
India's culture and history have given rise to ancient epic traditional fables, humorous tales, and fantastic adventure stories
Indian Culture-Rare Books
Indian CultureRare Books
Explore a vast selection of first editions, signed copies, and rare & antiquarian books of the ancient india.
Indian Culture-Image
Indian CultureImage
All the Famous Images which are linked to Indian Culture is available in the Umang
Indian Culture-Photo Archive
Indian CulturePhoto Archive
All the Famous Images which are linked to Indian Culture is available in the Umang
Indian Culture-Paintings
Indian CulturePaintings
All the famous paintings of the ancient history is available in this service and available in Umang