Nyaya Bandhu

Nyaya Bandhu

Nyaya Bandhu

Nyaya Bandhu Nyaya Bandhu programme ensures access to justice for marginalised sections of the society. It provides voluntary legal advice to individuals and organisations that are unable to afford or access legal advice.

  • Public Grievance

Working Hour

Monday to Friday (10:00 AM - 05:00 PM)


Jaisalmer House, 26 Mansingh Road, New Delhi-110001


Nyaya Bandhu-Case
Nyaya BandhuCase
Users can check case status. The cases can be pending, ongoing, completed and rejected.
Nyaya Bandhu-Advocate Registration (For first time users only)
Nyaya BandhuAdvocate Registration (For first time users only)
Advocates can register in this platform to volunteer to provide legal advice to the applications.
Nyaya Bandhu-Applicant Registration (For first time users only)
Nyaya BandhuApplicant Registration (For first time users only)
Users can register as applicants to connect with Advocates who have volunteered their time and services on this platform for legal advice.
starhttps://stgweb.umang.gov.in/nyayBandhu/api/deptt/nyayBandhu/?redirectUrl=applicantRegisteration/applicantFinalRegistration?GLOBAL_SERVICE_ID=102 2
Nyaya Bandhu-View FAQ
Nyaya BandhuView FAQ
Users can view frequently asked questions on the platform.